Counseling for Children, Parents & Women

Our goal is join you in the pursuit of creating change that gives you and your family a happy and healthy life.

We will help you heal wounds, thrive in your relationships, and enjoy more balance in your life.

We believe that wellness is a not a destination you arrive at.

Wellness is a lifestyle.

Wellness is making daily decisions that align with your values.

Life will always be busy.

There will never be the perfect time to start something new.

Start by showing up for yourself.

Showing up means being present, leaning into the pain, and being willing to sit with the hurt or discomfort long enough to acknowledge it.

We help...
Angry kids
Anxious kids
Depressed kids
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We help...
Depressed teen girls
Anxious teen girls
Stressed teen girls
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We help...
Frustrated parents
Parents who want more peace
Parents who want to get along better with their kids
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We help...
College Students
Anxious women
Depressed women
Women who want more balance
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